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Beijing Residential Market
Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China, is one of the world’s truly imposing cities. Lying in the north of North China Plain, Beijing has been the center of China and the heart of politics and society for centuries. Rich in history, China's imperial past and political present meet at Tiananmen Square, where the Forbidden City, palace of the emperors gives way to the Great Hall of the People congress building and the mausoleum of Chairman Mao Zedong. The old city walls have been replaced by ring roads, and many of the old residential districts of alleys and courtyard houses have been turned into high-rise hotels, office buildings, and department stores. Beijing, a dynamic city where the old and new intermingle, remains a magnet for expatriates from every corner of the world.

With the growing number of foreigners coming to Beijing, many expatriate communities have been formed. Most of them, as well as the expatriate housing and international schools, tend to be concentrated in two districts: Chaoyang and Shunyi.

Chaoyang District: hosts most of Beijing's diplomatic quarters and embassies. Central Business District (CBD), Sanlitun Area, Chaoyang Park, Lufthansa Area,Lido Area are (amongst other expatriate haunts) in this district. It is the largest urban district in Beijing. It contains a number of excellent hotels and a number of top international schools. In addition to an abundance of Chinese Department Stores and Supermarkets there are branches of well-established foreign companies such as IKEA, Tesco, and Carrefour (although the selection of items on sale is often very different than in the home country).
Many expatriates live and work in this District in mid-range to luxurious apartment blocks. There are a few villa compounds/gated communities in Chaoyang District. The main advantages to live in the Chaoyang District are the ease of access to a full range of facilities and amenities, and a reduced commute time from home to work.

Shunyi District is a Beijing suburb. A large number of expatriate families with children of school age and a generous housing budget live in Shunyi in mid-range to luxurious Villa Compounds / Gated Communities, which are mainly located along the Airport Expressway and Jingshun Road. Four of the top international schools are located here and are within a few minutes drive of each other.
The Shunyi Villa area is becoming more and more foreigner friendly. In addition to a large Chinese standard supermarket, there are a number of Jenny Luo Supermarkets and Mini-markets that specialize in selling items for foreign consumers in addition to the standard items.

Property Type
Housing for expatiates in Beijing covers a wide spectrum of building styles, environments, and price ranges. The most common types of property are grouped into four developments: villa, apartments and serviced apartments and historic residence, namely, the courtyards. The new properties in the city generally have 24-hour management and security services, with modern club facilities onsite. Most of the historic properties have restored the original architecture styles, and are hidden away along tree lined streets.

There are essentially three price brackets for expatriate rental property. The lower band ranges from USD1, 000 – USD3, 000 per unit per month; the middle band ranges from USD2, 000 - USD5, 000 per unit per month; and the higher band usually ranges from USD4, 000 – USD10, 000 per unit per month. The rental rate for expatriate-housing properties varies significantly based on location, quality, property management, and incorporated facilities/amenities of the properties.

At Chrisdy Real Estate, our agent’s professionalism and experience in Beijing Real Estate Market will assist you finding the perfect home.

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